About Us

Using our proprietary technology tool, simply enter shipment details and instantly reveal rates from all contracted carriers in one place. Stop picking up the phone and wasting time with a manual process and multiple steps. Simply click on the rate and carrier you want and execute the transaction with one button. Utilize our database and reporting capabilities within the rate shopper tool to track your shipments and all the savings.

So what makes Freight Retriever stand out?

In the transportation industry, there are thousands of brokers, freight forwarders, and third party logistics companies in operation. So what makes Freight Retriever stand out? Our customer service is more direct. Dial a number, a human answers, that human knows about your shipment and can deal with any issue without a transfer or permission from a supervisor. This is rare in the 3PL world.

On many shipments, our price will be lower because our partner has been negotiating these rates year after year for decades. We are able to leverage over $1 billion of buying power on behalf of our clients into lower rates. This volume of buying power with carriers benefits the customer directly by securing the most competitive freight rates.

The rate shopper tool allows you to send the list of carrier options, prices and bills of lading via email directly from the system. This makes it easier for a user to quote rates to their customer and manage shipments even if neither the origin or destination are the user’s facility.

Eliminate Manual Process, Uncertainty, & Waste

  • Process your own shipment, at any time, 24/7 through our web-based portal.
  • Upload, store, and maintain your address book to maintain accuracy and save time.
  • Store your custom commodities and products
  • Choose from multiple carriers
  • Choose carriers based on rate or transit time
  • Print freight quotes, bills of lading, invoices, and labels all in one place.
  • Create, email, and print bills of lading E-mail notification options
  • Our new relationship has allowed us to offer this exciting freight rate shopping tool to our clients. If you are doing 1 or 2 freight shipments a month or hour, contact Freight Retriever or use the signup form below and we will get you all setup!